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Since publication July 2011, readers are talking about No Sex in St. Tropez in book groups and buying it for Nook & Kindle from and Barnes &

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I have a very cool 2 minute musical video of St. Tropez taken by a special someone featured in the book. Click here to see the video!

Joan writes: When I first took a look at this lovely book, so evocative of France and travel in the 1970s, I thought it was just a new take on Eat Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. How surprised I was to discover a piece of writing so far removed from the typical coming-of-age travelogue. No Sex in St. Tropez chronicles enduring relationship mis-cues, and the wonder of exploration and delight that immersion in a different culture brings. Bravo to Ungar for bringing this book to us.”

An interesting take from a man, Hugh writes: “This is a book by a woman, and is primarily, whether or not intentionally, for women. But, I like it. Men can learn a thing or two from Ungar about how a woman understands us, avoids us or trusts us, the cost to her if we betray her, and how she will recoup. In Ungar’s tale she is on her own in a situation of her own making, with only her mixture of smarts, innocence, tenuous self-confidence, a bit of what-the-hell chutzpah, and a tendency to ask forgiveness, not permission. No Sex in St. Tropez carries the subtle gratification of friendships and self-knowledge that last a lifetime. May be a lesson there for us men.”

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