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It’s been a year and a half since No Sex in St. Tropez has been self-published, a satisfying experience. Since that time, this website has had 13,000 hits and well over 1000 copies of No Sex in St. Tropez have been sold.

Here are a few recent reviews of No Sex in St. Tropez. This first one is from Writer’s Digest evaluating my entry to their 20th annual self-published book awards.

“I thought her character interaction was great and character revelation was, too. She described the settings well and I could see them in my mind’s eye as I read. She was courageous and adventurous and her writing was fine. She has a magnetic personality and attracts people wherever she goes. I enjoyed reading about her Jewishness: she informed people right off that she was a Jew, but not in a confrontational way. She shows that you can go explore your world, as long as you set standards and use caution. I think she’d be a fun person to know as a friend.”

This next one is in French. You can get the English translation here.

“Voici , en 2013 , le compte formidable d’une jeune femme américaine pas du tout assujettie aux contraintes usuelles , et qui quitte son continent pour aller voir ailleurs , en dehors de toute image télé , mais Sur le terrain ! Une belle promenade dans les dédales de Saint-Tropez , jusqu’à Paris , mêlée à des rencontres nombreuses , pour cette belle aventuriére hors pair ! De plus , chacun et chacune , peuvent se reconnaître dans cette soif de rencontres et cette belle faculté qu’a Rosalie Roungar , de donner une place , une valeur , un prix , à chacun et chacune , et à tous les petits détails de la vie ! Cette aventure vécue sur le mode simple d’un quotidien , nous donne envie d’aller voir aux USA …. Bravo Rosalie Roungar . Bel ouvrage , à lire sans modération . “

The final one was written and posted here on January 9, 2013, by author and artist Linda Lee Greene

Watch for a travel video from Ed’s and my trip to St. Tropez and Paris in October 2012. You will be able to meet all of the characters from No Sex in St. Tropez as they are today.

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