No Sex in St. Tropez

“Jacques was fascinated with me. He couldn’t believe an American mother my age would stop her life to traipse after a dream in another part of the world, climbing in and out of people’s lives, leaving a mark on many, gobbling up memories then moving on to the next adventure. Was that me?”

No Sex in St Tropez by Rosalie UngarAs a thirty-six- year-old mother in 1974, Rosalie Linver was expected to stay home and be happy about it.

Instead, she bucked the expectations of everyone around her and took her wanderlust to Europe, forging a story in the process that will be enjoyed by anyone with a spirit of adventure.

Without the money to holiday in Europe for a year, Rosalie delves into the unfamiliar culture of each country she visits with the passion of a native—working, learning, and sharing the lives of the people around her.

While tourists sunbathe on topless beaches, Rosalie secures work as an au pair at St. Tropez, the most glamorous resort in the world. Set against the backdrop of the sparkling Mediterranean, Rosalie chases two mischievous French children from one hilarious antic to another, growing more attached to them as the summer passes.

From a rekindled romance in Italy, to a coup d’etat in Portugal, No Sex in St. Tropez captures the kind of shining summer that’s too vibrant to fade from memory, told with the passion of a woman who has lived it all.

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